Furlough Program Q&A

September 30, 2009


Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost
Academic Senate

To:    Faculty

Dear Colleagues:

Many questions have been raised by faculty regarding the impact of the furlough program that will be in effect at UCLA on September 1, 2009.  We are writing to offer some guidance on a few questions that now have answers.

  1. Will the furlough program have an impact on my teaching schedule?  No, the Office of the President has ruled that faculty members cannot use their furlough days on the same days that they teach.  Faculty members should assume that all their teaching obligations (undergraduate, graduate and professional, independent studies, etc.) will remain unaffected by the furloughs.
  2. Will the furlough plan have an effect on my pension or other benefits?  No, pensions and other benefits are unaffected by the plan.
  3. Will my summer ninths be affected?  Summer ninths will be calculated on your base (pre-furlough) pay rate regardless of their source (grants, administrative stipends, endowments, etc.)
  4. Will faculty be able to use furlough days for compensated outside activity, and will they be able to use grant funds to “backfill” their salaries up to pre-furlough levels?  Yes, faculty who are not members of the Health Sciences Compensation Plan may use furlough days for outside compensated activity.  Please see the 8/28/09 letter you received from Vice Chancellor Tom Rice for more details.  A detailed statement regarding the conditions under which grant funds can be used to “backfill” salaries will be forthcoming from the Office of the President and will be distributed to you as soon as it is available.

We hope this information is useful to you. We realize that you may have additional questions and will continue to forward information about the furlough program to you as it becomes available.


Scott L. Waugh
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
 Michael Goldstein
Chair, Academic Senate