Plans and reports from campus committees and task forces commissioned by the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost appear below.

Bruin Budget Model White Paper (PDF)

Academic Planning and Budget (APB) has designed a new budget model for UCLA at the request of the Chancellor, Executive Vice Chancellor/Provost, and Vice Chancellor/Chief Financial Officer. This represents one of UCLA’s most substantial budget model innovations since its founding in 1919. Four years of extensive research on best practices, coupled with internal/external consultations, have yielded the Bruin Budget Model, a hybrid resource allocation framework customized for UCLA. The BBM was originally slated to take effect on July 1, 2022.

Report of the Working Group on Reinventing the UCLA Workplace of the Future (PDF)

With the expectation that many campus activities and programs will resume in Fall 2021, the experience gained during the pandemic has allowed us to formulate principles and recommendations about reinventing the UCLA workplace of the future.

Mitigating COVID-19 Impacts on Faculty Working Group Report (PDF)

In response to Academic Council’s recommendations, President Drake requested that Provost Brown form the Mitigating COVID-19 Impacts on Faculty Working Group. The group was charged with the review and prioritization of fifteen “immediate” and six “long-term” recommendations from the Academic Council, the assessment of actions already taken by campuses to mitigate COVID-19 impacts on faculty, and advising UCOP on data and metrics to help UC define the issues faced as a result of COVID-19.

Summer Sessions Committee Report (PDF)

The focus of the Summer Sessions Committee is to explore how to build upon and expand the current academic and non-academic offerings of Summer Sessions in a strategic and cost-effective manner for the benefit of students and their overall educational experience.

Administration of Teaching, Learning and Services Committee (ATLAS) (PDF)

ATLAS is examining ways in which we can better coordinate and manage the administration, organization, and resources for campus units that provide critical support and services to teaching, learning, training, pedagogy, learning management systems, classroom support, assessment, and evaluation, as well as in some instances engaging in research related to these areas.

Virtual, Augmented and Extended Reality at UCLA (PDF)

The Virtual Reality Institute Task Force was charged with helping to explore the idea of a multidisciplinary Virtual Reality Institute at UCLA.

UCLA Extension Strategic, Operational, and Financial Assessment (PDF)

UCLA engaged Huron Consulting Group to perform a strategic, operational, and financial assessment of UCLA Extension in partnership with a steering committee that included Extension and campus leadership.

UCLA Classroom Advisory Committee Report and Recommendations (PDF)

The Classroom Advisory Committee studied, reviewed, and recommended efforts on how to improve and increase existing classrooms and teaching laboratories, including both general assignment and non-general assignment/departmental instructional spaces.

Report from the Committee on the Undergraduate Student Facilities Resource Plan (PDF)

The Committee on the Undergraduate Student Facilities Resource Plan was charged with developing recommendations to respond to the planned growth in undergraduate students over the next three to five years.

Report of the Review Committee for the Future Positioning of the Office of Instructional Development (PDF)

The Office of Instructional Development (OID) Academic Review Committee was asked to create a vision for OID that will speak to the 21st century teaching and learning needs of the campus and to consider how best to redefine the current office in order to meet the educational challenges of the coming decades.