Neuroscience Task Force Report

April 9, 2010

UCLA Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

To:   The Neuroscience Community

Dear Colleagues,

In August 2008, Chancellor Block appointed a task force of clinical and basic neuroscientists, chaired by Dr. John Mazziotta, to evaluate and provide recommendations for strengthening the neuroscience community across the entire campus.  This group conducted an extensive internal evaluation of basic neuroscience research, education, resources and governance.  They also sought external opinions from basic neuroscience leadership at universities throughout the United States.  In November 2009, their report was presented to an Executive Committee comprised of Gerald Levey, former Vice Chancellor for Medical Sciences and Dean of the David Geffen School of Medicine, Emil Reisler, former Dean of the Division of Life Sciences in the College, Victoria Sork, Dean of the Division of Life Sciences in the College, and me.

The Neuroscience Task Force Report provides the results of the Task Force’s deliberations and data gathering as well as their recommendations.  The Executive Committee considers this report to be outstanding, and I am pleased to share it with the entire UCLA neuroscience community.  Your comments are welcome and can be transmitted via email to

The Chancellor and I greatly appreciate the year-long efforts of the Neuroscience Task Force in producing a carefully researched, far-reaching, and inspirational report.  We look forward to your input and to the successful implementation of plans that will enable UCLA neuroscience to achieve a new level of excellence.


Scott L. Waugh
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost