Moreno Report Implementation Committee

November 21, 2013

UCLA Office of the Chancellor

November 8, 2013Professor Walter Allen
Professor Ines Boechat
Professor Mitchell Chang
Professor Laura Gomez
Professor Mishuana Goeman
Professor Cheryl Harris
Professor Tyrone Howard
Professor Sylvia Hurtado
Professor Josephine Isabel-Jones
Vice Provost Belinda Tucker
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Scott Waugh

Dear Colleagues,

Last year, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Waugh and I asked former California Supreme Court Justice Carlos Moreno to chair an external panel of academic and community members to review incidents of racial and ethnic bias and discrimination experienced by faculty.  The panel’s work culminated in The Moreno Report (report), which offers recommendations to calibrate our mechanisms for responding to faculty complaints of bias, intolerance, and any other form of inequity or prejudice.

The Moreno Report contains important recommendations for our campus and I stand by the report’s call to action. To that end, I have decided to formally establish this group as the Moreno Report Implementation Committee.    Accordingly, I ask that you serve on this committee and offer your advice and expertise on specific steps our campus can undertake, and ways we can improve our existing organizational processes, procedures, and policies for responding to faculty concerns.

Specifically, I ask that the committee undertake the following:

     Review and comment on the priority order of the recommendations.

     Establish a timetable for the implementation of each priority, along with specific steps that  should be taken for each recommendation.

     Propose additional actions that may be taken.

     Consider the feasibility, costs, and resources needed to effectively carry out each recommendation.

     Identify existing resources which might be repurposed, realigned or otherwise utilized.

     At the end of the academic year, I ask that the committee provide an assessment of the progress it has made and consideration for future steps.

I am pleased that Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Waugh has agreed to chair this Implementation Committee.  He expects to convene monthly meetings with as many members participating as possible. 

Thank you for your participation in this important effort for our university.  EVC Waugh’s office will contact you soon to schedule the committee’s first meeting.


Gene D. Block