Summer Sessions and International Education Office Leadership Change

September 11, 2014

UCLA Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

To: Deans, Directors, Department Chairs, and Administrative Officers

Dear Colleagues:

After considerable assessment and conversations with many of you, I have asked Patricia Turner, vice provost for undergraduate education, to assume responsibility for the Summer Sessions and International Education Office (IEO). These units have been under the leadership of interim director Hadyn Dick, reporting to me through Associate Vice Chancellor Glyn Davies, for the past two years.

The most compelling reason for this change is to provide Summer Sessions with academic oversight and leadership. Pat, who oversaw UC Davis’ summer sessions during her tenure there, has been meeting with deans to explain her ideas for our program, which include better positioning Summer Sessions to improve time-to-degree and establishing a faculty advisory committee. This change also will allow us to better align Summer Sessions with our academic priorities. Rest assured that the highly successful revenue-sharing model will not be changed.

The programmatic and administrative infrastructure of Summer Sessions is tightly interwoven with those of the IEO’s international student and study abroad programs. Pat is already working closely with Cindy Fan, interim vice provost for international studies, and Kal Raustiala, faculty director of international education, to ensure that the international programs administered by this office will continue to achieve their goals and fulfill the expectations of our faculty and students. This partnership will provide the foundation for IEO going forward.

I am very grateful to Glyn for overseeing Summer Sessions and IEO. Working closely with Pat, he will continue to manage the revenue-sharing model between Summer Sessions and the departments. I also want to commend Hadyn for her steady hand during this time. Under her leadership, Summer Sessions increased revenue by 5 percent, established a number of innovative programs and protected our students’ safety when they were studying abroad. Hadyn will play a key role in ensuring a smooth transition to Pat’s stewardship.

Although you and your staff should continue to utilize your existing contacts in Summer Sessions and IEO for routine business, questions about the transition may be directed to Pat, Hadyn (, ext. 5-0277) or Jaime Balboa, executive director of communications, academic planning, and external partnerships in the Division of Undergraduate Education (, ext. 4-4260), who will be overseeing the transition.


Scott L. Waugh
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost