Guidance In Case of Classroom Disruptions During Final Exams

December 6, 2022

Dear Colleagues:

We know the last few weeks have been challenging, and we appreciate the efforts instructors have made in maintaining academic continuity as the University of California negotiates with the United Auto Workers. We write today with guidance for instructors if final exams or other end-of-quarter activities are interrupted due to strike activity.

While we support the right of UAW members to engage in protected labor activities, it is important that UCLA maintain academic operations during the strike. Entering classrooms or other learning environments to disrupt learning activities and blocking access or egress from buildings are not protected strike activities. If a classroom disruption occurs, instructors are encouraged to:

•Advise those who have entered the learning environment that classrooms and lecture halls are not open to the public, and that they are disrupting a course and must leave immediately.

•Suggest that students in the course remain calm and continue with their exam or class activity to the extent possible.

•Refrain from physically engaging with individuals interrupting the course.

Disruptions should be communicated to the relevant department chair or dean. Information about disruptions also can be sent to; messages about classroom disruptions sent to that email address will be forwarded to Campus Human Resources’ Labor Relations office. If instructors become concerned for their safety or that of their students, they should call 911.

If a disruption occurs during an exam, student presentation or other required activity, we recommend that instructors log the events that occur and be flexible with students in the course, as a disruption may negatively affect students’ performance. Instructors also are encouraged to debrief the class after the disruption and to remind students of available support resources.

Students may make an appointment with a counselor at Counseling & Psychological Services. Students in distress may be referred to the Consultation and Response Team. Faculty and staff may contact the Staff & Faculty Counseling Center.

Thank you for your understanding as the UC continues to work with the UAW to negotiate a way forward. We are hopeful that agreements with all bargaining units can be reached soon.

Darnell Hunt
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

Michael S. Levine
Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel

Adriana Galván
Dean of Undergraduate Education
Interim Vice Provost for Teaching

Susan L. Ettner
Dean of Graduate Education