Maintaining our Principles of Community in Challenging Times

December 2, 2022

Dear Bruin Community:

It would be a truism to say that tensions and emotions on our campus are high right now — as contract negotiations between the UC and UAW continue, and as the accompanying strike brings about changes to campus operations.

While our university unequivocally supports the rights of those who are lawfully striking, this past week individual members of our community were deliberately sought out and intimidated by certain protesters. We condemn these actions, which are in direct opposition to UCLA’s Principles of Community (PDF) — the set of values and commitments agreed upon by our faculty, staff and students.

Even in tense situations such as this one, no individual should be made to feel unsafe. While our views may differ, we must never forget one another’s fundamental humanity.

We applaud the fact that the UC and UAW have reached tentative contract agreements for postdoctoral scholars and academic researchers, and strongly hope that the other parties are able to reach agreements soon.


Gene D. Block

Darnell Hunt
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost